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Genuine Hotpoint Carbon Brushes C00201861

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Suitable for the following appliances: Gorenje WD31PE; Ariston A1200WD; A1235; A1400SWD; A1400WD; A1436; A2211WH; AMXXL120FR; AVL147; AVXXL105EX; AVXXL120FR; ERF402DNY/1; Beko WD61PT; Bluesky BLF1020; Bomann WA212B; WA214B; Clatronic WA212C; WA214C; Creda 17072E; 17076; 17078; 17079; 17080; 17081; 17083E; 17084E; 17085; 17086; 17087; 17088G; 17096E; 17098E; 17110; 17111; 17112E; 17112G; 17113G; 17113X; 17120; 17121E; 17176; 17182E; 17184E; 17185E; 17186E; 17187E; 17343E; 17345; 17345E; 17346X; 17390E; 47305; 47306; 47308; CWA252; CWA262; W100FW; W1200; W120FW; W120VW; W200FW; W200FW/SC; W200FW/WE; W220VW; W220VW/SC; W220VW/WE; WD1200; WMA10PE; WMA30PE; WMA31PE; WMA32PE; WMA33PE; Electra 17054E; 17055; 17055E; 17056; 17057E; 17058E; 17059E; 17340E; 17342E; English Electric EE100A; EE100WD; EE120A; EE80A; Export 37722; BLF1020; F2086; F2106; F2126; WA212B; WA212C; WA214B; WA214C; WD31PE; WD61PT; WK1000; WM52PP; Fagor F2086; F2106; F2126; Gala 1019P; 1025A; 1025P; 1025W; 1051A; 1051P; 1051W; 1061N; 1061P; 1063N; 1063P; 1151A; 1151P; 1151W; 1161N; 1161P; 1162N; 1162P; General Electric W76PP; W86PP; WD62PC; WM10PM; WM62PC; WM63PS; WM64PK; WRH7505TWW; WWC7602VWW; WWC8602VWW; WWC8802TWW; WWC8806TWW; WWH5502TWW; WWH5506TWW; WWH5508TWW; WWH5602VWW; WWH6504TWW; WWH6508TWW; WWH6602VWW; WWH6604VWW; WWH6709FWW; WWH7502TWW; WWH7503TWW; WWH7504TWW; WWH7506TWW; WWH7508TWW; WWH7602VWW; WWH7603VWW; WWH7604VWW; WWH7709FWW; WWH8502TWW; WWH8504TWW; WWH8505TWW; WWH8506TWW; WWH8508TWW; WWH8602VWW; WWH8709FWW; WWH9709FWW; WWH9809FWW; Hotpoint 6240B; 6240P; BW61B; BW61P; FEW10P; FEW10P/SC; FEW10P/WE; FEW12P; FEW12P/SC; FEW12P/WE; SCR11P; SCR33N; SCR33P; SCR33S; SCR33YS; SCR34N; SCR34P; SCR34S; SCR35N; SCR35P; SCR35S; SCR36N; SCR36P; SCR36S; SCR37N; SCR37P; SCR37S; SCR38N; SCR38P; SCR38S; SCR61N; SCR61P; SCR61S; SCR61YS; SCR62N; SCR62P; SCR62S; SCR63N; SCR63P; SCR63S; WD21P; WD22A; WD22P; WD22W; WD23A; WD23P; WD23W; WD31A; WD31P; WD31W; WD32A; WD32P; WD32W; WD420G; WD420P; WD420T; WD440G; WD440P; WD51A; WD51P; WD51W; WD52P; WD61H; WD61N; WD61P; WD61S; WD61T; WD61U; WD61X; WD62N; WD62P; WD62S; WD62X; WD63N; WD63P; WD63S; WD64N; WD64P; WD64S; WD71N; WD71P; WD71S; WD71X; WD71YS; WD72N; WD72P; WD72S; WDM73A; WF000G; WF000P; WF000T; WF100G; WF100P/SC; WF100P/WE; WF210G; WF210P; WF210T; WF215A; WF220G; WF220P; WF220T; WF225A; WF240P; WF250G; WF310G/SC; WF310G/WE; WF310P/SC; WF310P/WE; WF310T/SC; WF310T/WE; WF320G/SC; WF320G/WE; WF320P/SC; WF320P/WE; WF320T/SC; WF320T/WE; WF325A/SC; WF325A/WE; WF340G/SC; WF340G/WE; WF340P/SC; WF340P/WE; WF430G; WF430P; WF430T; WF440G; WF440P; WF445A; WF530G/SC; WF530G/WE; WF530P/SC; WF530P/WE; WF530T/SC; WF530T/WE; WF540G/SC; WF540G/WE; WF540P/SC; WF540P/WE; WF540T/SC; WF540T/WE; WF545A; WF545A/SC; WF545A/WE; WF720P/SC; WF720P/WE; WF730G/SC; WF730G/WE; WF730P/SC; WF730P/WE; WF740G/SC; WF740G/WE; WF740P/SC; WF740P/WE; WF740T/SC; WF740T/WE; WF745A/SC; WF745A/WE; WM19P; WM20A; WM20P; WM20W; WM21P; WM21W; WM22A; WM22P; WM22W; WM23A; WM23P; WM23W; WM24A; WM24P; WM24W; WM25A; WM25P; WM25W; WM26A; WM26P; WM26W; WM29P; WM31A; WM31P; WM31W; WM32A; WM32P; WM32W; WM34A; WM34P; WM34W; WM35A; WM35P; WM35W; WM36P; WM36W; WM38P; WM51A; WM51P; WM51W; WM52A; WM52P; WM52W; WM53A; WM53P; WM53W; WM54P; WM55P; WM56P; WM60P; WM60PE; WM61N; WM61P; WM61PE; WM61X; WM62N; WM62P; WM62PE; WM62X; WM63H; WM63N; WM63P; WM63PE; WM63S; WM63T; WM63U; WM63X; WM63XE; WM64N; WM64P; WM64PE; WM64X; WM65S; WM66P; WM67P; WM68P; WM69P; WM71N; WM71P; WM71X; WM72N; WM72P; WM72X; WM77P; WM79P; WM80P; WM81P; WM82P; WM83P; WMA10P; WMA11P; WMA12P; WMA13P; WMA20P; WMA30N; WMA30P; WMA30S; WMA31N; WMA31P; WMA31S; WMA32N; WMA32P; WMA32S; WMA33N; WMA33P; WMA33S; WMA33YS; WMA34N; WMA34P; WMA34S; WMA35N; WMA35P; WMA35S; WMA36N; WMA36P; WMA36S; WMA37N; WMA37P; WMA37S; WMA37YS; WMA40N; WMA40P; WMA40S; WMA42N; WMA42P; WMA42S; WMA44N; WMA44P; WMA44S; WMA46N; WMA46P; WMA46S; WMA48N; WMA48P; WMA48S; WMA50N; WMA50P; WMA50S; WMA52N; WMA52P; WMA52S; WMA54N; WMA54P; WMA54S; WMA56N; WMA56P; WMA56S; WMA57P; WMA58N; WMA58P; WMA58S; WMA60N; WMA60P; WMA60S; WMA60YS; WMA61N; WMA61P; WMA61S; WMA61YS; WMA62N; WMA62P; WMA62S; WMA62YS; WMA63N; WMA63P; WMA63S; WMA63YS; WMA64N; WMA64P; WMA64S; WMA66N; WMA66P; WMA66S; WMA74N; WMA74P; WMA74S; WMA76N; WMA76P; WMA76S; WMA9P; WMM39A; WMM53A; WMM59A; WMM65A; WMM75A; WMS38N; WMS38P; WMS38S; WMS39P; WMT01P; WMT02P; WMT03P; WMT05P; Indesit WIDXXL106EU; WIDXXL126EU; WIDXXL126SEU; WIDXXL146EU; WIXXL106IT; Jackson 27305; 27306; J1000; J1200D; Kneissel WK1000; WM52PP; Sancy 37722


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